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“Mike takes on every new endeavor and challenge with a fresh focus and unwavering determination.”
J. Ross, Design Architect, 530 Architects, Charlotte, NC
“If you’re looking for a self-starting, team player, it’s Mike. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on several projects within a corporate setting. I can truly say that he takes pride in his work. He goes the extra mile to perfect the project at hand and renders excellent customer service to the client. Michael Hadley’s combination of strong work ethic and character would make him a valuable asset to any firm.
Eddie R., Design Architect, Boeing, Columbia, MD
“Michael is always enthusiastic, regardless of what task he’s working on. He is eager to learn and often finds alternative ways to solve problems. He always steps up to challenges and follows through to make sure his work is accomplished on time and in a professional manner.”
“…he has continued to display his values of commitment, positive posture, and service in various areas including, architecture, graphic design, community service, and his wife and family..”
J. Reddrick, Architect II, , Zachry Engineering. Charlotte, NC
““…He most often has been the “glue” that holds project team members and project goals together. Especially when critical deadlines and working relationships at times could be challenging. He is a confident architectural professional that lets his personality and multi-talents speak for him; talents such as design, trustworthiness, great attitude, innovation, and leadership that exudes passion for his craft and for the people that he works with…”
Emmanuel A., MBA-PM, BArch, Sr. Project Manager, Carolina HealthCare System
” I’ve known Michael Hadley since he was an intern at Millennium 3. I’ve come to know him as a man who sets goals and achieves them. He brings a positive vibe to whatever atmosphere he’s in and he can easily adapt to change. His work ethic is a rarity and he works diligently to perfect his craft.”
Harold Jordan, Architect, Millennium 3 Design Group