Planning consists of Area Redevelopment Studies. The focus is on Master Planning efforts  involving an objective assessment of each functional aspect of the existing area, its associated landscape, nearest attractions and transit components.  Followed by development of a schematic design, both the modernization and expansion of the existing facilities in the local area are entirely new construction.



“Planning can take years even decades. Recommended developments of options for master planning concepts represent varying degrees of refurbishment and expansion for a cities future. Sometimes these concepts that are proposed cause new site construction to be built adjacent to the existing one.”

Designer’s master planning efforts focus on the identification of concepts that are environmentally and economically sound, flexible, and conducive to being built incrementally. Michael’s experience and proven success in managing complex operations have helped cross functional teams achieve client goals within dollar budget. Effective as a key contributor and hand-on participatory approach to team management, he provides a balance between program execution. Assisting organizational management and site planning including compliance with corporate rebranding, Michael has supervised multiple ADA compliance upgrade design projects and  interpreted NFPA compliance, phasing, and security measures for several local, state, and international projects.