With over 10 years of experience in Building Engineering and Facility projects, Michael has become exceptionally detail-oriented. His ability to easily adapt allows him to generate excellent work products and client satisfaction. Whether functioning independently or as part of a project management group, Michael has assisted with implementing public clearance phases of design development for top secret DOD military training, execution, staffing, and on site construction administration services for various facilities. 



“Architecture in theory is expressed by form following function. Although designers deviate from this core principle when designing buildings, exterior appearance still compliments the interior functionality based on two of the most important components; circulation and structure.”  

Michael has supervised Senior and Junior Level Engineers as well as managed various design teams consisting of design build Architects, MEP engineers, Civil and Structural designers. His experience presenting and reporting to Senior Engineering Directors and Professional Engineers affirms and ensures holistic design intent for his clients. As team lead, overseeing architectural and electrical CA projects has increased his government, state, and International project responsibilities.